In your EFT session, you will learn:

1. The Formula for Tapping on these acupuncture points
2. Phrases for releasing your specific emotional issue
3. How to do EFT on your own.

What are the Meridian Tapping Points and what is the science behind EFT?
Ancient Eastern medicine has identified 20 meridian points spread throughout the body that acupuncturists typically use and that we now use in EFT. It is believed that your life energy/vitality flows through these points. Positive emotions flow freely, but negative ones (anxiety, fear, depression) accumulate in our organs and tissues causing them to block like a clogged drain. According to Neuroscience, all memories are encoded in the brain with a positive or negative emotional charge. The negative, blocked ones trigger a memory with a specific physiological response -- like shaking when the police car pulls up behind you with flashing lights.