(6 days after treatment) "I'm still enjoying the healing that took place from my session. Thank you! I'm noticing a greater 'inflow' from the Lord and enjoying this new 'life'. I'm excited about what God is doing in this ministry. Having experienced the 'benefits' of this blessing from God, I know it is changing and transforming people for Jesus. Your love for Him flows."

~ Susanne P.

      From a Rabbi about her congregant: "I suggested to Robert that he go and see Jen. He had been complaining of heart irregularity, chronic leg pain, relationship problems, and inability to organize his home. After EFT and HT, he stated that his chronic pain and heart irregularity were alleviated, and he was also able to get quality sleep. I noticed that he was more focused and settled and was able to balance his spirituality with practical issues instead of being withdrawn and living with his head in the clouds. He is connecting better with those around him. Praise Abba Father. Thanks for all you do."

~ SC

      "Hi Jennifer, Just wanted to send a huge thanks for everything! I have felt so selfish when I have focused on me through the years and it has only caused me to move in my own strength. Eventually, we all run out of our own power! I didn't realize the toll it had taken on my body, organs, and God-created energy systems. I am feeling better and better and wanted you to know how grateful I am for you and your healing ministry." 

~ Dee S., MD, November 2013

MARRIAGE RESTORATION (from a grateful husband):

      "I wanted to write to thank you for the sessions of EFT and HT that have supported and strengthened my wife to be all she can be. The resulting impact on our marriage is such a tremendous blessing. No one anywhere has come close to the work you and the Spirit have engineered together! It gives me great hope for our relationship, so thank you with all my heart." 

~ Larry T., associate Pastor, Arizona church.


      "Thank you for everything. You have helped recharge my spirit and finally I have been able to sleep! So not only am I caught up on much needed rest, but I'm in a much better state of mind and soul. I feel like I have the motivation now to get back to rehabbing my body and might have a chance to put it back together again! Thank you."

~ Alex S., Florida