"As a physician and a practitioner of energy healing, I have a great respect and awe for Healing Touch. It is both grounded in physics and magical in its innate knowledge of what is needed for each individual. I have had many people work on me over the years, and Jen Hewat's maturity, experience, compassion, passion and patience translate into a fantastic healing experience. I feel safe and confident in her work and have noticed measurable results in my own health and in the health of patients I have referred to her. She is a gem."

~ Carol Bowman, MD


"I was suffering from a Sinus infection and was on antibiotics for the last 3 days, but it didn't seem to be touching it. I was at a meeting with Jennifer at a friends house in Sedona and needed to rest. She let me rest in her room. I thought taking a nap might help, but the pounding in my face was really bad. Jen offered to do HT on me so I closed my eyes and because it was so quiet I thought she'd left the room. I started to feel like someone was pulling on my left cheek. It felt like a pinch, but I didn't feel anyone touching me. I opened my eyes and Jen was doing her healing over me. It was surprising that I felt this sensation and didn't know that she was still there. She continued to practice on me and I just relaxed and closed my eyes. After Jen left, my cheek started to hum, kind of like when you have a nerve jumping in your muscle. That changed into a pulling and clearing sensation in my sinuses, and the intense pressure faded over the next half hour. By the evening, my sinuses felt nearly normal, free of pain, and I was able to breathe again. This was my first experience having energy work. I was impressed that it worked where traditional cures had not. Thank you so much!"

~ M. Daniels, FL


"I was 2 weeks post op bladder surgery. I found my energy had not returned, and noticed that my complexion had a gray tinge to it since the surgery. My incision was also taking longer than the surgeon had expected to close. I had never had 'Subtle Energy' work done before, and Healing Touch was in that category. But I decided it couldn't hurt and might help. Jen treated me by facilitating wound healing and by supporting the body to detox. I slept through the whole treatment. She told me to drink plenty of water afterward. That night, I awoke twice, bathed in sweat and smelling of anesthesia and showered off the residue. The next morning, my normal pinkish complexion had returned, and within the next 2 days, my energy picked up. Within 4 days, the swelling around my wound was gone, and it was nearly closed. Great news! I am back now at work so THANKS!!"

~ Jack C., Director of National Non-profit Organization


"I had a Bilateral Mastectomy, with reconstruction, in May 2010. I came for Healing Touch because of pronounced swellings under my right arm and the right side of my chest, from unresolved Lymphedema. My arm felt weighed down, and I had a heavy thickness on my whole right side. After Jen did the Healing Touch treatment called Lymphatic Drain, my fingers began to tingle and regain feeling, my right arm moved much more freely, and I felt a new lightness in my right side.

~ Dawn Z.


I have had long standing pain for 3 years in my left shoulder since my Mastectomy. I was also inhibited in my range of motion in my arm and shoulder. When Jennifer did HT on me at Upper Chesapeake Outpatient center, I could gradually feel the warmth of gentle electrical sensations in my whole left side, as if it was 'waking up'. After 2 similar treatments, I found that the pain 'drained' from my left shoulder and arm, and also that full range of motion was again possible. I am so grateful!"

~ S. Hickey, February 2010.


"I am so glad to have met Jennifer at Upper Chesapeake. During my 8 treatments of HT with her, I have felt a variety of benefits. They range from feeling relief from the pain I have had on my right side since receiving Radiation, to headache relief, to deep peace. After I've had a treatment with her, I feel like I have the inner strength to tackle whatever obstacles are next in my path. I believe that my eyes have been opened to possibilities and healing that is making me a better, healthier person."

~ M. Finter, August 2009.

Komen Grant Recipient: Comfort & Pain Relief Post Op Double Mastectomy:

"I went to my first appointment with an open mind, not knowing what to expect but looking for pain relief and physical coordination between my right and left side, as I type all day long. I am a 'Breast Cancer Survivor' of 9 years and happy to say that surgery and chemo worked for me although the process and reconstruction after a double mastectomy left me with some 'discomfort'. In the first session I felt a very strong sensation behind my left implant and the next afternoon a quick, sharp stabbing pain - the cramp I had for years released and went away - what a relief! In the following sessions, shoulder pain causing a big disconnect between my left and right arms began to ease. I found that the 'clumsiness' disappeared and I was typing faster. Later, emotional issues came to the surface and I began focusing on creating peaceful time for reflection. I have had less than 6 sessions and feel that each brought me the comfort I was seeking and an issue always rose to the surface and was death with. I wish I had known about this years ago, but am so grateful to have had this healing experience and look forward to future sessions as needed."

~ Cindy C.


"I was in a car crash 2 months prior to seeing Jennifer. I was in bad shape physically and mentally. I was living on Percocets, cigarettes, and coffee. I was in too much pain to work, a nervous wreck and couldn't sleep. After 2 sessions, I find I am able to get much needed rest, my mind is more at peace and my spirit is recharged. I am finding the path back to being able-bodied again, and I think I might have a chance to put my life back together! Thank you!"

~ Alex S., Florida

"I broke my right hand 3 years ago on the outer bone between the pinkie knuckle and the wrist. I have a typing job which makes it worse and on bad days its a 10. Today before treatment I couldn't move my pinkie finger and pain level was a 5. During the session, I felt my hand becoming more relaxed and loosening up. By that night, I could move my pinkie finger easily and the pain was down to a 0. What a relief!"

~ Susan G., Maryland

"10 years ago while I was sledding, a branch went into my back. It didn't break the skin, but created bruising. I've had moderate level pain in the same spot whenever I would lift heavy objects or during exercising. I figured I would have to live with this discomfort. I was pleasantly surprised that since my HT treatment a year ago, I have remained pain free. Hooray!"

~ Lori S., Maryland


"I receive IV infusion therapy every other week at Johns Hopkins Outpatient Center for Fabry's Disease, a rare genetic disorder, which will continue the rest of my life. The IV treatments take from 5-8 hours, and I ususally feel fatigue and congestion throughout my entire body which last for 3 days. When Jennifer did Healing Touch on me at the completion of the IV infusion treatment, I have never felt so good after an infusion!! HT helped to clear the congestion and I felt energized and invigorated!" 

~ Debra H., April, 2008, Hagerstown, MD.