" Our 10 year old has had fear issues for most of his life. His fear became an overarching theme that debilitated him and manifested in many ways as it infiltrated into every area of his life including sports, school and everyday activities. The fear neagatively impacted his mental, physical and spiritual well being.
       On a day to day basis, Tim was afraid to walk across the house by himself or be in a room alone. This meant every time he needed something he had to enlist his brother or a parent to accompany him. Always in negotiation mode to compensate for his fear, he even resorted to using tactics that were dishonest in order to get through the day. Not only did this affect him at home but also at school where afraid to go into the bathroom alone, he would rather suffer through the embarrassment and go in his pants which had grave consequences socially, mentally and physically.
       Once Jen was able to identify and isolate his fear, they tapped through it. He had huge success for many months until facing a new trauma which set him back. Once again, Jen to the rescue! After an amazing session, she was able to teach him to escape his own prison and he is like a different child. He bounced back even stronger.
       Tim is now FREE of fear, not only is he able to walk across the house without hesitation, his whole attitude has shifted. The anger and shame that he was carrying subsided and he is a happier person. Within hours he went from being afraid of his own shadow to walking through the house with no fear, using the bathroom alone in public places and even asking if he could start babysitting.
       We can't thank Jen enough for helping Tim overcome his struggle and helping reduce our family stress. The change she was able to facilitate is amazing and life changing!"

~ Ellen T., Cave Creek, Arizona, November, 2013