"Our daughter Macey who was 9 years old was in Johns Hopkins Pediatric Center with acute Pancreatitis. It was excruciatingly painful (a 10 out of 10) and the worst pain she had ever been in. This made her heart rate zoom up to 224. She had received 3 doses of Morphine and 1 of Ativan that night with no pain relief and doctors could not get her heart rate below 176. The Crash Cart was in the hallway when Jen arrived. As she did Healing Touch, we saw Macey's heart rate slow down to 106 and it stayed there all night! The next day she needed NO MORPHINE or pain meds at all!! Normal recovery time is up to 2 weeks. Doctors were perplexed to say the least! Needless to say, we will never forget the help Jen was to our daughter, and we will be forever grateful."

~ Mickey B., Maryland, June 2008 (click for video)


      "Our daughter Macey is being treated with Healing Touch by Jen Hewat. Macey has had numerous surgeries, all of which have been long and tedious for an under-active gut. So this time we asked Jen to come and do HT for Macey before and after surgery in the hopes of reducing the time in hospital and hopefully helping Macey's under-active gut to respond sooner after the anesthesia. She usually has to stay in the hospital a week after each surgery. This time she was discharged the NEXT DAY! That in itself was a miracle. It usually takes her intestines a week or 2 to 'wake up'. This time, her intestines started to work just 3 days after the surgery and it usually takes WEEKS to even hear any bowel sounds! So Jen treating Macey before and after surgery really helped her. She is doing great and if she keeps progressing like she is now we might have her off of TPN by June!!!!!"

~ Mickey B., Maryland, March 2009 (click for video)


      "My 10 year old son was experiencing shyness and feeling insecure in school and at home. It seemed he had "lost his voice". He sometimes stated, "I feel like a mouse in the corner". He had been cornered in the stairwell, made fun of and bullied in school. We were at our wits end. When we tried to discuss this, he just crumbled, cried and went to his room. He refused to see the school counselor, so when I brought him to Jen, I was at my wits end! She said she had a 'wordless treatment' that could help restore his sense of self and inner peace. I didn't see any down side to it and my son agreed to lay on the table 'for awhile while Miss Jen helped him to relax.
     As the music played and her light touch seemed to quiet him, I saw him falling asleep for 45 minutes! Afterwards, we left with no 'to-do'. However, the next evening at the dinner table, he was animated and participated in conversation with us all which was a long missing event! He stated "I feel like a LION!!" and roared just to prove it, and hasn't stopped talking since!! Needless to say our family was surprised and relieved to see our son returning to his previous enlivened self! He now participates in the classroom and volunteers taking various responsibilities. We are so grateful!!"

~ Susan B., Maryland, September 2009


      "Our 10 year old daughter was suffering from extreme depression and separation anxiety. She was so desperate, she had threatened to 'cut herself'. She was not open to counseling and so we were afraid for her safety and welfare. We had known Jen for several years prior to this and felt safe with her qualifications and beliefs. Our daughter consented to relaxing on 'Miss Jen's 'table for Healing Touch'. Her fears of being separated from Dad when he traveled with his new job, seemed to dissipate, along with her temper tantrums and jealousy of her siblings. Occasionally she would refuse to get onto the table, and would dissolve into tears. Jen supported me as we handled these outbursts each time, and now she looks forward to her 'Table Time with Miss Jen', is settled in her grade at school, and is making friends. We are so grateful and plan to continue until she reaches stability."

~ A. Baysinger, Baltimore, MD