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How long will it take?
The first session, includes Intake, and Instruction, and the first treatment, whether it is Healing Touch or FasterEFT (Tapping). It runs from 1.5 - 1.75 hours. After that, sessions can be booked on an hourly basis. Some clients prefer to do Tapping only. For those, we book 1.5 hours. Others prefer to get onto the massage table to receive Healing Touch and "Zone Out" which can be done in 1 to 1.25 hours. Most often, the sessions begin with Tapping to begin the Stress Release Process then include some table time to integrate the release process.

Will this interfere with my doctor's care? Prescriptions?
No. Both FEFT and Healing Touch are complementary modalities. That means that they ADD TO the Traditional Allopathic approach. They address the gaps where surgery, medications and therapies leave off.

How often should I come?
To gain momentum on an issue, the suggested frequency is to come in a series of 3's. The spacing is up to the client and the urgency of the felt need. Clients come as often as weekly to begin with, then spacing the sessions out to bi-weekly and monthly.

What does energy medicine mean?
The body is an electrical entity. We can measure the most potent electrical charge in the body which is in the heart with an Electrocardiogram (EKG), the second strongest charge - the brain - with an ElectroEncephalogram (EEG). Each type of cell has its own charge whether it be a muscle cell, blood cell, or bone cell. When the electrical frequency of any cell becomes disrupted, it malfunctions. In Energy Medicine, we support the body to return to it's myraid of 'healthy frequencies'. That, in turn, supports the Immune System to resume it's many functions, turning 'Dis-ease' to Health. See Diagram: "Physiological Response to Healing Touch".

Check out this video, "What is Energy Medicine?"

What will I feel during a tapping session?
Once we have identified the troubling emotion/stressful incident, the client feels the emotion briefly-for minutes. As the emotion is released During the Tapping process, one feels more and more relaxed, with the tension gradually draining out and leaving the body. This is because in our culture, we become used to the 'Adrenalin Rush' in an Up and Down Cycle going from Stress to caffeine, to sugar and back again. It keeps us in 'Fight or Flight' which is how the Adrenal glands become drained. Our goal is to allow the body to release the emotion that keeps him/her stuck in unhealthy cycle. It is especially effective in treating Panic Attacks, Past Traumatic events, and addictive cravings. Once released, the brain creates new pathways bringing a new perspectives on old memories.

What do I expect after a tapping session?
Clients most often report that their distress on their presenting problem dissolves in a single session. Treatment on an issue is complete when the client reports that the issue no longer bothers him in his life, or it has reduced significantly. This can take a few hours, or several sessions. The pace of change is determined by the client. Clients also report clarity of thinking on old previously distressful issues. Body pain is either eliminated or decreased. Should you wish, you will receive a hand-out with information on how to tap at home.