"Unresolved emotional issues are the main cause of 85% of ALL illnesses. For this reason, FasterEFT is one of my primary healing tools."

Eric Robins, M.D.

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FasterEFT is a unique form of "psychological acupuncture" that uses tapping instead of needles on energy pathways to relieve psychological stress and physical problems. When we stimulate these acupuncture points while working on emotional/mental issues, the body and mind work together gently and quickly.

FasterEFT is an easily learned self-care tool. It is a highly effective, non-invasive way of resolving blocked issues. It is an alternative healing technique that often works when nothing else does.

Videos about FasterEFT by Jennifer Hewat:

Dr. Oz's feature on FasterEFT:

Dr. Mercola Validates FasterEFT's Effectiveness:
Video and Article

FasterEFT can provide relief from:

      Pain Breathing Difficulties
      Fibromyalgia Depression
      Migraines Procrastination
      Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Panic Attacks
      Negative Memories and Emotions Fears and Phobias
      Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Addictions and Cravings