"Jen and I have been co-workers in the field of Energy Medicine for 7 years. On this particular day, we were meeting at a friend's house in her studio that had no screens in the windows. Half way through the meeting I saw a spider crawling over the window sill and down the wall, feeling more anxious and afraid as it came closer to us. I told her I'd have to leave the meeting as my chest was getting tight. She asked me if I would like to try a stress release called 'Tapping' to help me to breathe easier. She took me quickly through a sequence of tapping on places on my head, chest, and hands. As I did this, focusing on the fear of the spider in the room, I began to take deep breaths and felt my body relaxing. I couldn't believe it! I'd had this fear since I was young when my Mom had been bitten by a spider."

~ Leigh W., Practitioner, Timonium


      "I came to Jen suffering from a deeply painful emotional experience. When I was under it's 'influence', it felt like "a heavy weight was on my shoulders, my tummy got upset, and my head ached." After a 90 minute EFT session, I tested myself with a thought from that painful time. I reacted this time by noticing that none of the old emotional pain went into my body. I didn't feel the need to spend mental/emotional energy replaying the painful event after the Tapping. It didn't seem to touch me. One week later it felt like a fleetiing thought: - 'That did happen - it's past, and what am I going to make for dinner?' One month later I find that what I did was complete. I know it will not come back to haunt me. Thank you for introducing me to a powerful tool."

~ Michelle H., PA, Oct, 2010


      "Jennifer became a whole hearted partner, leading me through my fear of death and also my fear of living into my full potential. Her presence is both subtle/gentle and robust. She is able to empower a thrilling and profound quest that is also a safe journey. My work with her has produced pivotal insights and deep personal validation."

~ V. Thorndike, Educator


      "EFT is astonishingly efficient! Jennifer masterfully guided the process, taking me from anxious and fearful to calm and peaceful in ten minutes flat."

~ Simon H., Organization Consultant