"I was referred to Jennifer by my Naturopath who was treating me for Adrenal Fatigue, Shingles, and digestive issues. She explained that all of these physical problems had emotional roots that needed to be healed from the inside out. I didn't really know what she meant, but I respected her opinion and I made an appointment. Jen offers 2 healing modalities. The first we did was called EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). As I told her the 'movie' of my current relationship with my partner, she showed me how and where to tap on acupuncture points as the feelings arose. They included feelings of abandonment, worthlessness, loneliness, and being dishonored. I felt them as I had for weeks, as left sided head pain, tightness in my back and lungs such that I felt I couldn't breathe expansively.
      As we tapped, I felt soothed and calmed. The pounding in my head subsided and I was finally able to take a deep breath again! What a relief! Then she suggested an additional approach to aid in releasing the remaining feelings of being dishonored and lonely, called Healing Touch.
      I lay on the massage table, fully clothed. As I relaxed to the music, she balanced the 7 major glands in the body, and sent relaxing energy flooding through my body, focusing especially on boosting my Immune System. At the end, I felt a deep calmness, internally whole, and at peace. It was a welcome relief after many months of struggle. I felt that I had made significant strides toward assisting my body in healing itself and I am grateful to have been the recipient of such caring and compassion."

~ C.B., Cave Creek, Az.


      "I went to Jen to get help with releasing my negative feelings that were in my way when it came to my family. It was really helpful to be able to use EFT while sharing stressful stories about my family with someone who was not judging me. I felt very safe and comfortable doing EFT with you. I noticed that I felt a lot lighter when I thought about my parents and have begun to release them from any rigid ideas I had ascribed to them. They called me over the weekend and I was able to practice being in the moment and being my true, authentic self. That's a first!! The HT treatment was also just as helpful! It was amazing how easy it was once you began working on me to get into that relaxed place and release all my negative, unhelpful thoughts. Thanks so much for helping me reclaim my family relationship." 

~ Meghan C., Scottsdale, AZ. September, 2012