What do you mean by 'Tapping' and where are these 'Tapping Points'?

Tapping involves using 2 fingers to lightly press on acupuncture meridians on the upper body for 7 'taps'. You can find the areas you will be Tapping on by clicking the 'FEFT Tapping Map'.

What are the Meridian Tapping Points and what is the science behind FEFT?

Ancient Eastern medicine has identified 20 meridian points spread throughout the body that acupuncturists typically use and that we now use in FEFT. It is believed that your life energy/vitality flows through these points. Positive emotions flow freely, but negative ones (anxiety, fear, depression) accumulate in our organs and tissues causing them to block like a clogged drain. According to Neuroscience, all memories are encoded in the brain with a positive or negative emotional charge. The negative, blocked ones trigger a memory with a specific physiological response -- like shaking when the police car pulls up behind you with flashing lights.

How does FEFT actually work?

When we touch/tap on our own meridian points, while speaking particular affirmative sentences, the tapping sparks a shift within the brain on a cellular level and "rewires" the nerve pathways, thus eliminating our negative emotional charges.

What if I am skeptical?

FEFT works whether you believe it will or not. In fact, this is often where we start in the tapping process. We tap out the feeling of skepticism which paves the way for clearing the real problem.

What if I don't really know how to identify my exact issue?

FEFT does not require a lengthy analysis of your past or drawn out therapy. It works even if you cannot put into words how you feel. Together we will narrow down the source of your discomfort.

How long do the results last?

FEFT produces rapid long lasting or permanent results when accurately applied. Once the blocking emotion is released the right and left hemispheres of the brain re-balance and the brain's ability to think clearly in that area returns.

I understand that I can learn FEFT. Why do I need a trained Practitioner?

FEFT is designed to be a self healing tool. However, we can still get stuck when working on ourselves. A skilled practitioner can see the bigger picture and help us to define our key issues. When we have a skilled Practitioner present, it offers us the encouragement and confidence to forge ahead and reach our goal.

Where did this therapy originate?

Psychologist Roger Callaghan, who calls it Thought Field Therapy (TFT), developed this energy method. It has been simplified and renamed Emotional Freedom Technique (FEFT) by Gary Craig, a Stanford engineer. This technique focuses the client on his/her thoughts and feelings she wants to correct, while tapping on and stimulating specific acupressure points.

How long will it take to clear my issue?

Many issues are cleared in 1 or 2 two-hour sessions. If the issue is multilayered, it can take 4-6 sessions if the client desires to address his/her underlying bedrock assumptions and make a profound Life Shift.

What will I feel during a Tapping Session?

Once we have identified the troubling emotion/stressful incident, the client feels the emotion briefly - for minutes. As the emotion is released During the Tapping process, one feels more and more relaxed, with the tension gradually draining out and leaving the body. This is because in our culture we become used to the 'Adrenalin Rush' in an up and down cycle going from stress to caffeine, to sugar and back again. It keeps us in 'Fight or Flight' which is how the Adrenal glands become drained. Our goal is to allow the body to release the emotion that keeps him/her stuck in an unhealthy cycle. It is especially effective in treating Panic Attacks, Past Traumatic events, and addictive cravings. Once released, the brain creates new pathways bringing new perspectives on old memories.

What do I expect after a Tapping Session?

Clients most often report that their distress on their presenting problem dissolves in a single session. Treatment on an issue is complete when the client reports that the issue no longer bothers him in his life, or it has reduced significantly. This can take a few hours, or several sessions. The pace of change is determined by the client. Clients also report clarity of thinking on old previously distressful issues. Body pain is either eliminated or decreased. Should you wish, you will receive a hand-out with information on how to tap at home.